Sustainable Solutions

Omni are committed reducing the environmental impact of our work. Wherever possible, we use an ever growing range of recyclable and recycled materials printed on our eco-friendly printers using sustainable, biodegradable inks.

Below are a few examples to give an idea of some of the products and techniques that are currently available, the list is changing all the time so please contact us with your requirements.

Recycled & Recyclable Board

Omni love to use recyclable boards and materials, and our range is growing as new materials become available. Honeycomb centred boards such as Xanita are recycled and recyclable and perfect for sturdy displays and branding along with E Flute and B Flute boards which are versatile as well as sustainable. Materials such as Smartex and Dispa along with EkoPly and Stormboard are changing the face of outdoor fabrication and display.

PVC Free Wallpaper

We were one of the first companies to use PVC Free Wallpaper which, as well as being recyclable, is easy to install and remove without damage to the wall surfaces, making it ideal for exhibitions in museums and galleries where building conservation is paramount. PVC Free has proved to be one of Omni’s most successful and popular materials, being used by institutions such as Tate Galleries, National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

PVC Free Vinyls

PVC–Free self adhesive vinyls come with a water-based semi-permanent adhesive and are manufactured without chlorine or plasticisers, so no chlorine gases are released if the film is incinerated, which also gives it greater fire-safety properties. The list of PVC Free products is always expanding, making it a viable alternative for the eco-conscious.

Pretty much any material is recyclable if you have the facilities, so check with your waste contractor.

Please contact us on for the latest updates and more details